Top-Selling Retail Categories

Packaged snacks are among the most popular and highest-selling categories in convenience and retail shops. At JOCOR you’ll find assorted sweet and salty snacks, packaged baby food, various supplements including mind boosters, vitamins, and relaxers. We conveniently offer direct-to-store deliveries for Oahu retail shops and ship to outer islands as well including Maui, Big Island, and Kauai. Set up your location for success and keep your items in stock with our boba supply wholesale service.


Haribo Gummies

Wholesale Snacks for Retail

Popular international and local snacks ready and available.

  • Sweet snacks including chocolates, candy bars, and gummies
  • Assorted flavored chewing gum and mints
  • Hawaii local-made snacks
  • Packaged baby foods
  •  Various supplements

Wholesale Snack Supplier

JOCOR Distro strives for pristine service to help free up time for your business.

  • Locally owned and operated in Honolulu
  • Next-day delivery and local pickup for ultimate convenience
  • Personal assigned representative ready to assist you
  • Live inventory online shows exactly what’s in stock
  • Fast turnaround times on processing orders